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Welcome to Buraq Import Export, BURAQ
Import Export Private Limited is Registered with SECP, FBR & Customs. We are engaged in the export of Foods and Foods related items, Pakistani desi items, Rice, Fruits and other Agro Products. While Silk Farming Supply & Technology, Tetra Pak Packaging Materials & Machinery, Agro Products & Equipment, Milking Machine & Parlor, Electrical Appliances are our import
lines. Our team has 40 years’ experience in supplying to big and small International clients, we can consolidate your orders with various categories and quantity most suitable to you. Send us your inquiry and order today to start a long and mutual friendly win win relations with us.

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To make difference in our products and services, to keep in the forefront the satisfaction and trust of our customers and manufacturing companies and to move forward with our new products and services

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Best Quality Products

 We take pride in curating the finest selection of products, meticulously sourced from reputable global manufacturers. 

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Seamlessly traverse time zones and borders with our dedicated team of experts, available round-the-clock to cater to your import and export needs. for 24 hour services. 

Efficient Support Team

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing you with unmatched services that streamline your international business operations.